Monday, 16 January 2017

Vicki's Murals and Graphics

First Post

Vicki's Murals and Graphics

Good morning and welcome to Vicki's Murals and Graphics.
I am excited to welcome you to the introduction of my company.

Vicki's Murals and Graphics, it is quite obvious what I do, right?
Wrong! Yes, I am a mural painter and a graphic designer...
but I can also offer so much more!

What can I do for you?
Pet Portraits
People Portraits
Character Illustrations
Children's Illustrations (ages 0-13)
Children's Book Writing (ages 5-10)
Murals - Residential, Private and Commercial
Large format printed artwork - Residential, Private and Commercial
Graphic Design - Logos and Branding

Why should you approach me?
Well, I am very friendly. I am very creative, I have a variety of experience from
previous job roles, including working on site at large events, being apart of the design team for large areas at high profile events, and being handed responsibility of
trend picking for the next product trends at fashion and trade fairs and then
leading a team to set up visual merchandising displays.
As well as designing creating hand-crafted items such as chandeliers and table in-lays.

I work strictly to deadlines and I always work to the very best finish.

I also have worked in Graphic Design roles, as well as being a
published Children's Book Illustrator and Author,
after completing my Masters Degree in 2010.

My email address is:
Please drop me an email, as I am able to accept bookings from February onwards.
Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.




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