Monday, 20 February 2017

Monday Morning Reflection

Good morning all.
I love Mondays. I know generally Mondays are THE worst day of the week,
and if you dare bounce about declaring your love for then,
then a slap across the cheek is to be expected.

However, I hope you will be kind enough to hear me out and understand why I love Mondays.
It's not because it's another weekend day for me - far from it.
Setting up a freelancing business is NO mean feat at all.
There's an inordinate amount of things to think about, to plan, to act on,
and trying to work out the priority of each thing, is a challenge all on it's own.
But, my brain has never felt so alive. Taking this leap has allowed me to open
up my mind, get into researching, and taking on client briefs.
In many ways it feels like I'm studying again, only this time,
each client is different (and paying), and they're not a selection of tutors,
so if anything, there's even more uncertainty to it and more riding on each project.

Every freelancing day is different. Today I have three things, the main priority today is to continue with the mural project I'm working on. Today the animals will be started.
I have a fair bit of finishing required for the unit, so I will be doing little bits of that morning and evening (as the majority of today I will be out working on site).
And tonight I have a client dropping by to collect the family portrait I have painted.

I honestly can't begin to explain just how thrilled I am to be taking commissions,
to have people putting their trust into my work.

To anybody who would consider doing the same, my advice would be, proceed with caution. Build up a bit whist you are in full time work, otherwise how can you know that people know you and are willing to buy from you? I have been working towards this over a number of years (possibly even my whole life, if I honestly think back to my education years). Fingers crossed this is the beginning of more and more great things.
But who knows? No chicken's are being counted here.
I focus on each and every project that comes in, and thank each client
as I go along and look forward to each and every freelancing day,
curious as to the changes and developments each one brings.

Don't take for granted the motivation and the work ethic all freelancers
put in though, self-discipline, turning to others with questions, 
learning as you go along, is all apart of the process. 
Nobody is born with knowledge beamed into their head from nowhere.
Ask questions, accept answers, even if they're not what you expected or wanted to hear.

One of the differences also, is that I rarely allow my mind to switch off, it's always thinking and planning.
As a person, over the years I have learnt the ability to switch off from work
and not bring it home with me - leave projects, stress etc all behind when I walk
out that door. And actually that mechanism is extremely useful and helpful.
So when it comes to evenings and weekends,
I can pick and choose when to focus on leisure and when to focus on work.
However, Vicki's Murals and Graphics does feel like time for myself,
so the lines happily merge and when I am thinking and planning new projects,
or sourcing materials etc, it doesn't feel like work.

I very much look forward to the future and the development of the business.
If you are a freelancer, and would like to ask me for advice,
why not message me on facebook or instagram.
Equally if you're a potential client, feel free to make contact - I don't bite,
if you aren't 100% certain about what you want etc, I can hone your thoughts with questions for you to answer, and I enjoy working with clients to make sure
what I'm producing is exactly what you want.

Every month I shall be putting together a newsletter to showcase projects etc that I have done, if you are interested in receiving on, then please send me an email and I shall include you on the mailing list.

Peace out, and happy Monday x X x